EMax PlusMicroplate Reader

Elegant simplicity that lets you follow your imagination

Got an idea? Follow up on it fast. The EMax® Plus Microplate Reader gives you simple, walk-up access to the data you need to make your next decision. Eight filter modes enable visible-wavelength absorption measurement applications such as protein quantification, cell viability and ELISA. SoftMax® Pro Software, included, simplifies assay setup with pre-defined protocols and provides powerful tools for data visualization and analysis.
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  • 8 filters come standard to cover wide range of applications
  • Pre-defined protocols with SoftMax® Pro Software walk-up usability
  • Compact instrument footprint


  • Measures both flat and round 96-well microplates
  • Automatic lamp calibration prior to each reading ensures automatic measurements
  • Powerful curve fitting protocols and statistical analysis tools
  • Integrated instrument control and data analysis with SoftMax Pro Software
EMax Plus Microplate Reader applications:

  • ELISAs and immunoassays
  • Protein quantification such as: Bradford, Lowry, BCA, and DC protein assays
  • Phosphotases/kinases
  • Cell viability

SoftMax Pro Software simplifies setting up your assays by providing:

  • Simple set-up and automatic instrument recognition
  • Pre-defined protocols for endpoint and kinetic ELISA protein plus quantification assays such as Bradford, Lowry, BCA, and DC protein assays
  • A wide variety of scan types: Endpoint, Kinetic, Spectrum* and Well Scanning*
  • Standard data reduction settings are preselected as default
  • Automatic data recovery feature

SoftMax Pro Software offers a variety of customizing options:

  • Predefined calculation options for common data analysis functions
  • Automatic export to Microsoft Excel
  • Instrument settings and plate read area can be adjusted to suit your experiment’s needs
  • Custom data reduction settings can be selected for optimal signal selection
  • Full reports, with font flexibility, and live mini-tables and graphs are now available within the Notes section to simplify the result sharing experience
  • Contemporary user community enabling protocol exchange and expertise sharing among our numerous users

  • Proven integration with leading automation and LIMS platforms for partnered solutions
  • Optional tools for regulated labs with SoftMax Pro GxP Compliance Software

* available in select instrument models

8 Standard Filter Modes

Assay Filter
Bradford 595 nm
BCA 562 nm
Lowry 650 nm
MTT 570 nm
XTT 492 nm
Cell Density 620 nm
PNPP 405 nm
DPD 492 nm
TMB 450 nm
 Reference wavelength: 620 nm
Lamp source Tungsten halogen
Measurement range 0-3.3 OD
Reproducibility/precision 0.25% at 1.0 OD at 450 nm
Accuracy 0.5% at 1.0 OD at 450 nm
Standard filters 405, 450, 492, 562, 570, 595, 620, and 650 nm
Wavelength selection Filters
Wavelength range 400-750 nm
Plate types Flat and round 96-well plates
Data output Export to PC
Detection system Single channel silicon photodiode
Reading speed 25 seconds
Software SoftMax Pro Software
Shaking None
Temperature control None
Linearity 0.25% and 0.0025 OD from 0.1 -2.5 OD at 492 nm
Computer interface USB 2.0
Optical system Filters
Power requirement External power supply: 100-240VAC; current rating 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 31.5 x 18.2 x 43.5 cm
Weight 6.6 kg, 14.52 lbs

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