SpectraMax i3x/Paradigm専用検出カートリッジ

Expand your research capabilities to include flash based applications, including dual luciferase and ATP assays.

Dual auto injector cartridges for the SpectraMax® i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform allows you to expand your research capabilities to include flash based applications, including dual luciferase and ATP assays.

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Capture Flash Assays with Ease

Expand your lab’s capabilities to include flash applications such as dual luciferase and ATP assays with the SpectraMax® i3x injector module with SmartInject™ Technology ensuring equal mixing across the plate for high-precision experiments. Engineered for high performance, the auto dual injector cartridge includes fail safe features including bubble detection and overflow protection to save precious reagents and maximize performance for those critical experiments in your lab.

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Engineered for Maximum Performance

Light tight compartment reduces
interference and maximizes
your assay’s luminescence

Reverse Prime function reduces
reagent dead volume to 10 µL

Removable reagent drawer for
easy cleaning and sterilization

Drag-and-drop Acquisition Plan
Editor enables you to adjust
protocols quickly and easily

Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
for priming, washing and rinsing

SmartInject™ Technology ensures
complete reagent mixing and allows
for rapid signal development

Bubble Detection Sensor
maintains assay injection accuracy

Overflow Protection prevents
spillliage within the instrument

Capture Flash Assays with Ease

The SpectraMax i3x Injector Cartridge allows you to capture ATP reactions as quickly as they occur, reaching maximum signal in under two seconds after the addition of luciferin/luciferase reagent. Take advantage of increased sensitivity using flash assays to get the most accurate data from your experiments.


Key applications

  • Flash based Luminescence for dual luciferase and ATP assays
  • Fluorescence intensity for calcium and GPCR assays
  • Injectors for Cell based assays

SmartInject™ Technology

SmartInject Technology provides simultaneous injection and mixing to ensure complete reagent mixing and rapid development of luminescent signal, which are crucial for optimal assay sensitivity with minimal well-to-well variation.

Drag-and-drop Ease of Use

The revolutionary Acquisition Plan Editor allows you to easily configure a protocol to meet your assay’s strict requirements. Use the drag-and-drop graphical workflow interface to adjust every step of your experiment or choose from a large library of preconfigured assay protocols to save time.


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