CHO Growth A

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The CHO Growth A media portfolio provides a fast, simple and comprehensive solution for CHO cell-line development. When combined with CloneDetect detection agent, CloneSelect™ Imager, and ClonePix™ 2 System, they enable researchers to more efficiently develop new protein producing CHO cells lines, thus accelerating time-to-market.

  • Optimized for high recombinant protein production
  • Chemically defined and free of animal components
  • Enhanced optical quality for colony imaging
  • Fast screening and selection of high-value clones

Plating efficiency (%) of CHO cells grown in CloneMedia CHO Growth A or Product X

Figure 1: The CHO cells were imaged on the CloneSelect Imager and the plating efficiency was calculated using CloneSelect Imager’s Loci Count feature. The CloneMedia CHO Growth A media shows higher plating efficiency than Product X.

DG44 and B13-24 cells cultured in different semi-solid media

Figure 2:CloneMedia CHO Growth A has superior methylcellulose quality than Product X which provides better optical clarity. CloneMedia CHO Growth A background is clean while Product X has debris present.

Suspension-adapted CHO B13-24 cells grown using CHO semi-solid and liquid media from Molecular Devices and another vendor

Figure 3: (A) Images captured with CloneSelect Imager (white light) and ClonePix2 (fluorescence) after 12 days growth in CloneMedia CHO Growth A with L-Gln (K8810) or in Product X. IgG secretion was fluorescently detected using CloneDetect Human IgG, fluorescein (K8200). (B) The ClonePix 2 software was used to determine the FITC exterior mean intensity of colonies which was one of the parameters used to select the colonies to pick. (C) Colony antibody productivity was determined by performing ELISA on clone supernatants 10 days after picking. Values are normalized to 100% confluence. Molecular Devices media products are compared to another vendor’s products.

Comparison of liquid CHO media from different vendors

Figure 4:The post-pick recovery and productivity of suspension DG44 and B13-24 cells 10 days after picking is shown. The mean growth rates of DG44 (A) and B13-24 (B) cells grown in XP Media CHO Growth A are similar to or better than the CHO media from other vendors. However, the antibody productivity (normalized to 100% cell confluence) of DG44 (C) and B13-24 (D) cells grown in XP Media CHO Growth A is up to 2 to 3 times greater than other vendors’ CHO media.

Maximize your productivity with consistent media formulations

Molecular Devices XP Media™ CHO Growth A, CloneMedia™ CHO Growth A, and CloneDetect reagent, combined with industry-proven ClonePix 2 System and CloneSelect Imager, improve efficiency of isolating high-value clones faster. The complete CHO media portfolio ensures consistency in cell-maintenance conditions throughout central stages of cell-line development workflows.

CloneMedia and XP Media CHO Growth A reagents are optimized for use with the ClonePix™ System and the CloneSelect™ Imager. Screening and isolation of high-secreting colonies is enabled by the ClonePix automated cell-line development platform, while the CloneSelect Imager conveniently provides high-speed and label-free imaging tailored to monitor cell growth and verify monoclonality.

The media are optimized for cell-line development, antibody discovery and bioproduct development applications. They are chemically defined (CD), animal-component free (ACF) and HT (hypoxanthine, thymidine) deficient. The media are suitable for use with dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) selection systems. Media are also available without L-Glutamine, allowing compatibility with the glutamine synthase (GS) selection system.

Product Format Part Number Chemically Defined (CD) Animal-Component Free (ACF) Hypoxanthine, Thymidine Free (HT) L-Glutamine
CloneMedia™ CHO Growth A with L-Gln 1 x 90 mL K8810
CloneMedia™ CHO Growth A with L-Gln 6 x 90 mL K8800
CloneMedia™ CHO Growth A without L-Gln 1 x 90 mL K8840
CloneMedia™ CHO Growth A without L-Gln 6 x 90 mL K8830
XP Media™ CHO Growth A without L-Gln 1000 mL K8860