University of Liège

Emmanuel Di Valentin is a researcher within the Interdisciplinary Group for Applied Genoproteomics (GIGA) at the University of Liège, Belgium, and is responsible for theGIGA Viral Vectors Platform.

The main objective of the Viral Vectors Platform is to advance scientific research by helping scientists with the production of retro/lentiviral vectors, and transduction of target cells, in order to get better viral delivery results for a wide variety of different applications.

Emmanuel’s group uses twoFilterMax™ F5 Multi-Mode Microplate Readerswithin their biosafety level 2 and biosafety level 3 laboratories. As these labs are used by many different scientists, working on diverse projects, the FilterMax F5 is ideal as its rich feature set has the flexibility to support a large number of applications.

The System.

FilterMax F5