Neuro-Sys, France

Neuro-Sys in Gardanne, France, is a private contract research organization (CRO) and drug discovery company which mainly focuses on neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) diseases.

The Neuro-Sys Research & Development laboratory develops innovative extracts and compounds derived from medicinal plants with a neuroprotective effect on neurodegenerative diseases. To achieve this particular challenge, researchers have set-up specific and powerful in vitro models and fully automated efficacy and mode of action pharmacological platforms. These platforms are also outsourced to scientists working in industry and biotech as a service for efficacy and mode of action purposes.

An ImageXpress® Micro System is embedded into the group’s automated efficacy platform and scientists are using this system to analyze neuronal primary cell cultures. Yann Jaudouin, CEO of Neuro-Sys, explains “Typical studies involve cell survival, neurite networks, protein overlaps (synapsis, caspase 3 evaluation, Tau phosphorylation…), neuromuscular junctions, myelination kinetics and glial cell proliferation. All of these experiments are performed in a medium-throughput fashion”.

Below are examples of images that researchers at Neuro-Sys have acquired using the ImageXpress® Micro System

Figure 1: Caspase 3 TH Overlap

Figure 2: Cortical neurons

Figure 3: Cortical neurons astrocytes

Figure 4: Neuromuscular junction

Figure 5: Overlap myeline neurite

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The system.

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