iTeos Therapeutics SA

iTeos Therapeutics SA is a spin-off of the Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research and de Duve Institute in Belgium founded by a mix of private investors and public money from Wallonia Region and European Regional Development Fund.

Jakub Swiercz leads the In Vitro Pharmacology & Screening Group at iTeos. Scientists within this group are responsible for both discovery of new targets and routine testing of compounds for existing projects.

The laboratory is equipped with SpectraMax i3x and SpectraMax Paradigm multi-mode microplate readers and researchers use a wide variety of cartridges including HTRF, AlphaScreen and the SpectraMax Injector Cartridge. The SpectraMax i3x provides a robust platform for everyday use by the group, for a variety of biochemical and cellular assays. The Paradigm system allows them to perform high-throughput analysis of novel therapeutic targets.

Speaking about their instrumentation, Jakub says, “In our work, we require the highest quality and reproducibility of data. Therefore, we rely on products from Molecular Devices. We love the i3x for its exquisite adaptability to different assays run in the laboratory. There are just a few simple steps necessary to exchange the cartridges and adopt the machine to our daily needs”.

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